Vape Juice – Premium Concentrated (30mg-300mg) 10ml


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CBD Vape Juice

Our CBD Vape Juice is not like most other sites. Our vape juice can be compared to something similar pure Essential Oils, in that they are not Diluted. They are 100% CBD.

  • In our CBD Vape Juice we use 100% natural Hemp Oil that’s everything organic.
  • Each bottle of the mouth-watering flavors is enriched with 30mg, 1oomg, 200mg and 300mg of quality CBD Vape Juice.

Distribution is as follows…

30mg/10ml = 3mg of CBD Vape Juice per ml

100mg/10ml = 10mg of CBD Vape Juice per ml

200mg/10ml = 20mg of CBD Vape Juice per ml (Very potent)

300mg/10ml – 30mg of CBD Vape Juice per ml (Very potent)


To use this properly and get the most CBD, either mix one dropper with your existing vape juice or apply one dropper directly to your RDA.

Is it Legal?

Yep, these are hemp-based oils, not cannabis oils that have high concentrations of THC. According to the FDA, the oil in Vape Juice flavors is classified as a nutritional supplement…that just so happens to have medicinal qualities, just like many other refined essential oils do: rosemary, geranium, tea tree, coconut, olive, etc.

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30mg, 100mg, 200mg, 300mg


Apple, Berries, Bliss, Blueberry, Cherry Bomb, Chocolate, Coffee, Dessert, Fireball, Fruit, Fruit Loops, Grape, Jungle, Hawaiian, Menthol, Mojito, Moly, Monkey, Natural, Strawberry, Tobacco, Watermelon


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