CBD Dabs & Pure Crystal Isolate- 1g – 130mg-999mg


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CBD Dabs

CBD Dabs are made of CBD oils from Commercial Hemp. They are legal in all 50 states, and available in two different formats. Blue, that offers about 18% CBD (180 mg per gram) and includes higher levels of the natural plant. This product is great under the tongue, but should NOT be Vaped.

Gold is our most popular and averages 24% or 240 mg per gram, and can be used under the tongue or vaporized.

Crystal Isolate is 99% pure and can be vaporized, taken sublingual, or mixed into a drink.

Gold and Crystal Isolate can be taken orally under the tongue, vaped in a wax vape pen, nectar collector, or water pipe on a dab nail.

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18% Blue, 24% Gold, 99% Crystal Isolate


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