CBD Usage Information

 “How much CBD should I take?”.

While we can share the wonderful medical benefits of CBD as outlined online, in research documentation from PubMed.gov, publications from MedicalJane.com, MedicalMarijuana.com, and Leafly.com as well as personal testimonies there is no scientific information in existence that directs anyone how much CBD you should take for a given situation. That unfortunately is just the way it is with Natural Remedies. Unfortunately, the FDA only allows Hemp CBD Oil to be sold as a food supplement and not as a medicinal supplement or remedy; therefore, until that happens, there won’t be any scientific data to support sizes of doses.

After much research and scouring of the Internet I found an article that has itself used Internet resources to give guidelines on the amount of CBD one might start taking based on body weight and severity of the ailment. Again these are only guidelines and not dosage information.

I have included the chart and quote from their website that gives a great starting point for using CBD.

“How much CBD Should I take? A question everyone wants to know. Unfortunately, since we cannot refer to CBD as medicine, but rather as a supplement, only guidelines for a good “starting point” based on weight and severity of condition used by others and published on the Internet can be shared. A person will have to judge for themselves what works properly for them and how often it should be taken.”
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How much CBD to take

Note: There is no scientific data that says any particular number of CBD that is required to be taken for any particular ailment. And, by FDA guidelines, no one can say that any number of CBD will cure, help or treat any health condition. But, here’s what can be shared. Consider two things: your weight and the severity of your condition. The bigger you are, the more CBD one typically has to take. And, the more severe the situation, the more CBD one typically has to take.

Manufacturer Usage Guidelines:

Tincture: Take 2 pumps under the tongue. Leave for 90 seconds then swallow. 2 pumps provide 3 mgs of CBD. 3 times per day gives you 9mg of CBD and 5 times per day gives you 15mgs of CBD per day.

Oil: Take 1 drop the size of a grain of rice and place it under the tongue. Leave for 90 seconds then swallow. If you take 1 drop per day a 3 gram tube will last 12 days on average. A 10 gram tube will last 35 days on average at one drop per day. There is an average of 30-55mg of CBD per drop depending whether you are using blue or gold oil.

Capsules: 1 Capsule per day provides 25mg of CBD per day in our 10 Count bottle.

Dab: Either place 1 drop the size of a grain of rice under the tongue, leave for 90 seconds then swallow. You can also use a special Wax-vape pen, or, use either a nectar collector or a water pipe with a dab nail. There is an average of 30-55mg of CBD per drop depending whether you are using blue or gold oil. 99% Crystal isolate is 99% pure CBD and can be dabbed, mixed in a drink, or taken under the tongue.

Salve: Apply to the affected area as desired. Only a thin layer is required. Salve is a topical anti-inflammatory and is good for use on knuckles and joints. It is excellent for healing MRSA at a fast rate. It is good for Mosquito bites as it relieves the itching. It soothes and heals rashes quickly. It soothes eczema. (If you find more uses for the salve, email us so we can add it to the list. Thank you)

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