Can CBD Salve Help Sensitive Skin

Can CBD Salve Help Sensitive Skin

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Our son has a bad case of Eczema. Just the other day, we tried out Snuggle’s scent booster to “freshen up” the laundry. Within one school day, Eczema caused him to out with 1/8th tall whelps in strawberry patches all over his upper body. Fortunately, only the shirt had been treated with the new Snuggle’s scent booster. He was itching terribly from the Eczema rash. I grabbed the Hemp CBD Balm (Salve) and applied it sparingly over each of the rash patches. After several hours and a shirt change, I applied another thin layer of the Hemp CBD Balm (Salve). By noon the next day, the rash was completely gone.

This stuff is priceless. At first look, the jar is tiny in comparison to the cost. However, the range of things it treats is simply amazing. I am middle-aged and my wounds take much longer to heal. A minor cut could take up to a couple of months to scab over and fully go away. I had a run in with some bricks in the garden two weeks ago and obtained a big scrape on my leg that was around 4” long and 2” wide. I applied a light coat of the Hemp Balm 2 times a day. Within one week, the wound had scabbed over. It took only one more week for the scab to fall away to be replaced by a new layer of skin.

Stretch Marks

My Daughter-in-law delivered a beautiful Grandbaby boy March 30th of this year. He was quite the chunky little bubba… happy and full of life! Unfortunately, like most mommies, she suffered the battle wounds of child-rearing. She was prepared for and accepted the weight gain, but she felt very insecure from stretch marks obtained during the pregnancy. Over the counter products took seemingly forever to produce results if any at all.

Hemp CBD Balm (Salve) - Stretch Marks - Before
She applied Hemp CBD Salve 2 times a day for 2 weeks. Within that time frame her marks had significantly faded. It has been instrumental in rebuilding her confidence. She continues to use the Hemp CBD Balm with a bigger smile each and every day.

Hemp CBD Salve - 2 Weeks After Treatment

Unknown Rash

5 days ago a strange rash developed and spread rapidly until in covered a 6” x 5” area of my husband’s right shin. It was red, irritated and it itched badly. I began applying the CBD Salve about 4 times the first day. A very thin amount was plenty to cover the area completely.

Hemp CBD Balm (Salve) - 1st Day Before Treatment
The second and subsequent days, He applied the Hemp Balm 3 times a day. On the 2nd day, I was shocked. It was a very noticeable difference and the itching had greatly reduced.

Hemp CBD Balm (Salve) - 2nd Day Of Treatment
The rash had nearly vanished by the 4th day.

Hemp CBD Balm (Salve) - 4th Day Of Treatment
The unknown rash was completely gone by day 5.

We have used the Salve to treat dehydrated skin, rashes, bug bites, cuts, bruises, burns and Sun spots to name a few. Surprisingly, I still have 3/4’s of a jar. This stuff is a thick dense green paste in a small thick glass jar that spreads easily, needs very little to work and goes a long way!

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